Excerpts from the work

Excerpt from first movement (31 seconds)

Excerpt from second movement (28 seconds)

Excerpt from third movement (30 seconds)

I. America – Before the war

“from Chicago to New York” (Virginia)
“one of the fastest trains”
“the crack* train from New York” (Mr. Davis)
“from New York to Los Angeles”
“different trains every time” (Virginia)
“from Chicago to New York”
“in 1939”
“1939” (Mr. Davis)
“1941 I guess it must’ve been” (Virginia)

II. Europe – During the war

“1940” (Rachella)
“on my birthday”
“The Germans walked in”
“walked into Holland”
“Germans invaded Hungary” (Paul)
“I was in second grade”
“I had a teacher”
“a very tall man, his hair was concretely plastered smooth”
“He said, ‘Black Crows invaded our country many years ago’”
“and he pointed right at me”
“No more school” (Rachel)
“You must go away”
“and she said, ‘Quick, go!’” (Rachella)
“and he said, ‘Don’t breathe!’”
“into those cattle wagons” (Rachella)
“for 4 days and 4 nights”
“and then we went through these strange sounding names”
“Polish names”
“Lots of cattle wagons there”
“They were loaded with people”
“They shaved us”
“They tatooed a number on our arm”
“Flames going up to the sky – it was smoking”

III. After the war

“and the war was over” (Paul)
“Are you sure?” (Rachella)
“The war is over”
“going to America”
“to Los Angeles”
“to New York”
“from New York to Los Angeles” (Mr. Davis)
“one of the fastest trains” (Virginia)
“but today, they’re all gone” (Mr. Davis)
“There was one girl, who had a beautiful voice” (Rachella)
“and they loved to listen to the singing, the Germans”
“and when she stopped singing they said, ‘More, more’ and they applauded”

* In the older sense of “best”